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Many entrepreneurs and startups come to us with great ideas, but need help with funding.
We are positioned to help Investors find Great ideas and Great Ideas find Investment.
"Develop at the Speed of Funding
Scale at the Pulse of Opportunity"

Partnering with Team Design Group

Our Team is in contact with many inventors/startups and mature companies, all looking to bring their ideas to life. Of course having a great idea is only a small part of the development process and going to market strategy. Due to our inside knowledge of the potential products and technologies, we can link the inventor and investor, while creating value and decreasing risk for both parties. There are good ideas and then there are fundable ideas, let Team Design Group help you connect to the right choice.
 - Your Product Investment Partner!
We help entrepreneurs develop and launch new products and companies
A strategic partnership is crucial to a successful investment
  • We provide a proven platform which guides the process, strategy, insight, planning, lessons learned, execution and organization to the relationship


  • We are in a unique position to have access to the latest and greatest products/technology, before they are widely known, while having the maturity and knowledge to filter through and present the opportunities


  • We not only help to find the good ideas, but also the fundable ideas, with great teams behind them


  • This position presents opportunity for investors to find great ideas, while not just being pitched someone's dream

We are uniquely positioned to take advantage of many current market drving forces.
We are always looking for opportunties to support investors both for client projects and internal IP growth.
Please feel free to contact us, if you would like to learn more about investment opportunities:
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