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What our Clients have to Say:

“Hiring Team Design was the best decision we made as a company, and we would not be ready to launch our product without their help and guidance..."​ — Mick Nardelli, Founding Partner, Liquid Integrity, LLC


“It would be nearly impossible for me to discuss our product without mentioning the remarkable Team Design Group.  I would not hesitate to recommend Team Design and I plan to work with them again very soon... “ -  Abdul Jewayni, Founder, CREATIVE HANGERS LLC


“Chris and the team are very nimble in their work, turning basic ideas into working prototypes. They have all the right talent in all the right places and are right-sized to fit most projects...” -  Leighton Rice, QA Director, Rice Fruit Company


“...Our successes are due, to a large and crucial extent, to our work with Team Design Group...  - Dr. Grigore Burdea PhD, President, Bright Cloud International


"The Evolv team found Team Design to be professional, a quick learn, and easy to work with, requiring a minimal level of oversight during the performance of the work..."​ - Steve Burger,  Director, Federal Programs, Evolv Technology, Inc.


We help our clients convert concepts into realities. We do this by providing a team of experts focused on the client’s vision; helping to innovate, refine, reduce costs and provide a proven process for successful product development, branding and launch.


Team Design is an integrated product development company. We provide highly specialized engineering capabilities related to product development for: industrial design, research, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, application/embedded level software development and rapid product prototyping. Team Design provides a capability that will never go obsolete – people will never stop creating new products and coming up with great ideas. We are involved with a very fast growing and rapid paced market. We offer product design and development services from concepts through early production.

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